John Mentzer
John MentzerExecutive Vice President


John Mentzer worked for a custom home builder while putting himself through Purdue University. After graduating from the premier Building Construction Management school in the country, he decided to take on the most difficult and rewarding type of construction, Healthcare.

John began his career with Centex Healthcare Division (now Balfour Beatty) on which he worked on or oversaw $650M of negotiated GMP ground up Healthcare construction projects, totaling over 2.5M square feet of new construction. Over time, John’s work took him all over the country, eventually landing him in California in 1998. At this point he got his initiation in OSHPD, gaining his IOR license (OSHPD inspector A-20169). He received his general contractor’s license by 2001. During this time he worked on numerous renovations and out-of-the-ground construction, progressing to Director of Operations and then Vice President of West Coast Operations.

Mr. Mentzer met Michael Essrig and Chris Taylor while looking for an NPC2 contractor for seven HCA hospitals in 1999. John was impressed with how Essrig and Taylor worked — coming in ahead of schedule and under budget, and always making things right. This led John to join ETC, becoming a partner in the firm in 2006. Since joining ETC, John has joined the Hospital Building Safety Board (HBSB) as a consulting member on the committee on IOR, helping to enhance communications and process between owners, contractors, inspectors and OSHPD on construction projects.

John Mentzer Earns National Design-Build Certification

Mentzer Joins a Growing Industry of  Design-Build Professionals Redefining  Project Delivery throughout the United States

John Mentzer, Executive Vice President with ETC Building & Design, Inc. has successfully completed the Design-Build Institute of America’s comprehensive education, training and certification testing program to achieve the design-build industry’s designation as a nationally certified Associate Design-Build Professional.™

DBIA Certification is the nation’s only measurable standard of an individual’s knowledge of the Design-Build Done Right™ principles vital to successful project delivery. By completing these requirements, which touch on all aspects of design-build, candidates earn the right to display “Assoc. DBIA” after their names, identifying them to design-build end-users and the industry at large as experienced design and construction professionals with a firm understanding of design-build project delivery.