The Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego ED Renovation has just begun Phase 6 of a 10 phase project.  This phase consists of four exam rooms and scope includes raising existing electrical to 60”h, installation of new solid surface countertops, new acrovyn wall bumpers and wall protection, painting and installation of Owner furnished computer and TV brackets.  All of the remaining phases affect patient exam rooms.  The project is slated to be completed mid-October 2015.

ETC is about 85% complete with our design/build project to renovate the OR department at St Mary’s Medical Center.  This is a multiple phased project, coordinated around ongoing surgical operations, that will renovate or replace all of the operating rooms, replace the staff locker and pathology lab, add new storage and provide new family waiting and meditations areas.  ETC has completed the renovation of five existing OR’s. Plus in June, ETC also completed three new OR’s, providing SMMC with the latest state of are Orthopedic surgery rooms.  The last four phases of this project will complete in quick sequence with a final completion in October.

This project is over 75% complete and over 4 months ahead of schedule (originally a 9 ½ month duration).
ETC has had to bring on a SEOR and the original fire sprinkler engineer for the project in order to update the project as-builts, verify in field design changes prior to ETC taking over the project, and submit a change order to OSHPD for approval.

Additionally, ETC surveyed areas identified in our RFP bid documents as being complete and signed off. ETC has discovered over 250 fire sprinkler anchor locations that are out of compliance with OSHPD requirements and approved details. We estimate there are potentially 1,000 more locations that may be out of compliance. ETC has submitted a change order to Dignity for approval, and expects to begin the corrective work in the next week.

ETC completed the design of the Bothin Burn Center that is now approximately 50% complete with construction. Included in the design are six (6) patient hoists. Not only does ETC install patient hoists, but we have over 12 years of design/build experience with overhead seismic supports of various system types including, but not limited to, ceiling grid seismic supports, hard lid seismic supports, and MEP seismic supports. ETC knows how to conduct work in and around fully functioning hospitals, including critical care areas such as NICUs (Neonatal intensive care units), ICUs (Intensive Care units), CCUs (Critical Care units), and ORs (Operating Rooms). Here at ETC we pride ourselves on self-performing our own infection control, because we are the best at it. We understand the ICRA/ILSM process and what it takes to set up the ICRA plan, review it, get it approved, erect it, maintain it and remove it – all in tight coordination with the Infection Control Nurse.

These are images of the Booms in OR #7, the 1st of 10 rooms, that we will complete. We turned the room over on Tuesday, 7/21/15, and they were performing surgeries in the room on Wednesday, 7/22/15.

The Salesperson for this project stated these typically take 6 weeks to complete, we did the first one in 12 working days. We anticipated needing 4 weeks for the 1st one due to some issues with OSHPD that were luckily resolved very quickly by our onsite staff.